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Anonymous: "We should get a kitten"-gxngersnaps 


"That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say."

"Well seein’ as how empty it’s been ‘round here lately I figured a little kitten could be fun. You could name ‘er."

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"I um…no, that’s okay." Sookie wrinkled her nose, the bitter taste of what that would even taste like forming in her mouth. She laced her fingers together and set them on the bar. "I never did ask how you started working here." It was more of a question really, one she hoped to get an interesting story about.

"Started workin’ where? Here at Fangtasia?" Ginger asked with a warm smile as she looked towards Sookie. "That’s a long story but I’ve been workin’ for Eric and Pam since 1996. You know this used t’be a video store." She said, thinking as best as she could remember from all of the glamouring she had been placed through the years.

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        “Hiding is not a way to
         make a memorable first
         impression,” he remarked
         softly, yet sternly.


Oh god, you’re right. I’m sorry

and I should have asked if it was

okay I was here..I’ll leave…”

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           ”——You can come out of hiding, I see you.”

"——I’m sorry, it’s jus’ that I never thought I’d get the chance t’ meet you." Ginger spoke shyly, stepping out from behind the chair.

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"Alright alright. I won’t be hustling you no more about safety then. You need help though, you call, you hear? Arlene won’t mind as long as I come to help, yeah? Don’t you hesitate."

"You know somethin’, Rene? Arlene is lucky t’ have a guy as carin’ as you around." Ginger spoke with a smile before nodding in agreement. "However, I promise I’ll give you a call if I need help. Thanks again."

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     The woman’s constant jabber nearly caused
     the blonde to give her iconic eye roll and yet,
     she resisted and instead merely glared as they
     approached the aisle in which the girl would find
     all that she was looking for. A single hand moved
     to place itself upon the rack beside her as she
     turned to glance back at Ginger, head slightly
     tilted towards one shoulder and a sarcastic smile
     soon to follow.

           ❝ That they need to study up on their
            research ‘bout vampire lore. ❞

     She answered simply, attitude piercing through the
     veil of exasperated tones. Eyes shifting towards the
     display of movies at her side and again back at
     human’s own, that malevolent sort of smile never
     leaving plump lips all the while.


            ❝ You’ll find everythin’ ya need in this section. ❞

     Pam was content to leave the conversation at that
     as she began to take a step towards the side, making
     her way around the human and finally allowing that
     agitated eye roll to surface.

Ginger happily selected the movies that she had named along with a few others that sparked her own interest—one being of Elvira’s famed movie. Following after Pam again she headed up to the register and plucked a few pieces of small candy from the rack before setting her purchases onto the counter. As the movies slid when she sat them down a small sign nearly got knocked off the counter top.

"Wait—are you guys hirin’ a part time job?"

She questioned hopefully. Though the girl wouldn’t admit to it she did need a little extra cash to pay her bills with for the time being. Hell, all it seemed like she did was go to school then come home most of the time. Perhaps working for the video store would provide her with a bit more life experience and the income she needed.

"If so I’d like to apply."

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As usual Ginger was being her normal busy-body self. Running around the bar attempting to make sure that Eric and Pam’s needs were met. A loud bang caught her attention as something crashed to the floor about twenty feet away. Apparently a club goer was planning to fight one of the vampires—probably there on some stupid dare. “Hey, uh, guys—I really don’ think you need to be wrestlin’ round’ in this bar.” The brave human was a member of what remained of a fellowship following and held a silver chain. “SHIT!” Ginger  began running towards the human boy in her heels unsure of how the events were about to unravel.

"—E—Eric? Is that you?” The blonde asked, jaw dropped wide open staring towards the viking’s way in disbelief. How long had it been now since shit had gone sour? It seemed like years to the woman who found refuge in Fangtasia for so long even before it was a bar. But could it be true? Was Eric really back?

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